It’s Election Day for the whole of Iraq today. What does that mean for an expatmumma. Oh WOW! Another bloody day off school. In 3 weeks of being here there have been 7 days off school.ARGHHH.

What do you do when you are in a locked down town,  nothing is open, the “neighbours”  are argumentative and frankly a bit gun crazy ( think Syria, Iraq and  Iran ) the kids are off school and you are in a  temporary house? Well you  get busy writing about it  and share your stories of life in a foreign land.

Our family moved here  to Kurdistan from Mongolia and we are finding our feet and getting on with life in our new posting as best we can.  We reside in Erbil which has numerous spellings ; Arbil, Erbil and Irbil and in Kurdish it is known as Hawler!

 Kurdistan is an automously governed region of Iraq. So technically we live in Iraq. Shit a brick! However this area is safe and beautiful. It has a diverse demographic and ethnographic with people coming from Iraqi Kurdistan , Iranian Kurdistan, Turkish Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan.There is a  huge influx of repatriates who have returned  to safe Kurdistan after many years in Sweden, the UK, Australia and the USA. The main languages spoken here are Kurdish, Chaldean, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and English. There are many religious and non religious citizens with a mix of Christians, Muslims, Yazidis, Zoroastrians and Yarsans.

I am really looking forward to settling in. I have booked in for Arabic classes on Monday and am writing my  Birth Preparation Book now in it’s 4th country! (it is taking a long time). There is a rich history here and a country full of welcoming and helpful Kurds. I can’t wait to get exploring and find a beautiful Kurdish kilm, practice my limited Kurdish and make new friends.

 Resources coming soon


andy xoxo