Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia was a great place to live for us. Our family was young and life was carefree on a compound in Jeddah.

By Far Arabian Homes Sierra Compound was  the best choice for us. There were 52 pools, 5 tennis courts, a bowling alley,2 gyms, a function hall, small supermarket and  lots of parties. It was so much fun for the children as they had after school activities each day such as bowling, soccer and tennis all managed and supervised. There was a big park where they had bands playing and gatherings. It was really well managed and the homes basic but comfortable. For us we loved the fact there was a vibrant international community and so much to do. We are keen scuba divers and relished the opportunity to go diving off the beach.

Coming soon- useful tips for living in Saudi

In the meantime visit to find out what’s on and where to go.

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