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Ulaanabaatar,Mongolia was our home for 2 years and 2 weeks( yep we counted).It was a challenging place to live due to some of the worst pollution on the planet and it’s one of the harshest climates in the world ( think -45 Celcius during the day). However, much fun was to be had and many friends were  made in this remote city.I miss those people a lot…( hand me a tissue please)

Schools: International School of Ulaanbaatar (ISU) is where our children went. The American school is very popular and much cheaper with expatriates too.

There are lots of things to do in Ub, however if you don’t have access to a driver or a vehicle it can often be groundhog day because it is just too cold to walk anywhere.

Facebook groups

mumsinmongolia is managed by a British Mum and is a great way to meet the expat community. It’s how I first met other mums at one of their coffee mornings.

IWAM is the International Women’s Association of Mongolia and does an amazing job. If you wish to join them as a member , a board member or run projects they could use your help. Many mum’s from all over the world gather at their meetings and special shopping bazaars.

buyswapsellandgiveawaymongolia is a great place to advertise your second hand goods or buy goods. When you have growing children new winter clothes can get pricey.

expatsinmongolia(EiM) is loved and hated by many. It is a strange page where expats, repats and locals often battle it out in entertaining yet rude and nasty ways. It is still a great place to get info and ask questions. They have expat drinks on Wednesday nights and often arrange hikes and other group outings.

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