We just moved to Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan,Iraq. It is often spelt as Arbil , Irbil and locally is known as Hawler.

I won’t repeat what all the other websites say about it’s amazing history. What I will tell you is  it has  a CARREFORE supermarket with EVERYTHING!  It also has a massive park with lots of space for kids to play with huge play equipment and a proper running track that is about 1.3km long surrounded by gum trees and rose gardens. There are 2 cinemas that I  know of. One is in Family Mall and the other is in Royal Mall.

Somedays I do feel like I am in Turkey with all the Turkish supermarkets, restaurants and home & electrical stores but you can get anything here. Except a bloody chiropractor!

stay tuned for links to all the resources.In the meantime visit the FB page of a large expat group https://www.facebook.com/groups/e.p.i.c.erbil/

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